Tattoos Mentawai More Democratic

In Indonesia, according to Ady, Mentawai tattoo tradition is more democratic than the tattooed Dayak in Kalimantan. In the Dayak culture, tattoos show a person's wealth status.'' The tattooed, the rich,'' he said. After all, newborn Baruamas Balumus, 67, leader of the indigenous Dayak tribes Parks, said, in the Dayak tattoo there are other aspects besides the symbol of the social strata. '' Tattoos are a form of homage to the ancestors,'' said the original character named Masuka Djanting it. An example is the tattoo tradition in culture Dayak Iban and Dayak Kayan. In both tribes, tattooing was believed to be a symbol and a means to express the natural ruler. 
Tattoos are also believed to ward off evil spirits and ward off disease or spirit kematian.Tato as a form of expression to God Dayak related to cosmology. For the Dayak community, nature is divided into three: top, middle and bottom. Symbol representing the cosmos looks the tattoo motif hornbills, moon and sun. Middle world, where human life, symbolized by the tree of life. While the dragon is a motif that shows the world bawah.Charles Hose, British officer in the Office of the Sarawak Civil Service in 1884, diligently recorded legends Dayak people believe it. In the book Natural Man, A Record from Borneo published Oxford University Press, 1990, Charles Hose tells promise crow borneo and argus pheasants feathers to decorate each mereka.Setelah First Menstruation In the legend, the raven managed to smoothly carry out their duties. Unfortunately, pheasants are stupid bird. Because they could not, ultimately argus pheasants crow asked to sit on top of a bowl of ink and then rubbed all over the body pheasants, scavengers that. Since then, it is said, crows and pheasants have fur and color'' makeup'' as sekarang.Secara wide, tattoos are found throughout the Dayak community. However, judging Hose, techniques and best tattoo designs owned Kayan tribe. For this tribe, penatoan only when certain conditions are met. For men, the day after he could penatoan headhunting enemy's head.The tradition of tattoos for men is slowly sinking in line with existing mengayau.Setelah ban ban, tattoos appear only for the sake of aesthetics. Tattoo tradition is not lost on the Eve. Now, they think of tattoos as a symbol of beauty and self-esteem. Although the Dayak knows no caste, wealth tedak, aka women are not tattooed, considered lesser than that bertato.Ada three kinds of tattoos commonly carried Dayak Kayan women. Among other tedak pads, which covers the entire foot and used as an adult. Others are tedak usuu throughout the hand, and tedak hapii around the thigh. Among the Dayak Kenyah, penatoan began when a 16-year-old woman, or after menstrual pertama.Upacara custom made in a special home. During penatoan, all the men in the house were not allowed out of the house. In addition, all family members are also required to undergo a variety of restrictions. That said, if restrictions were violated, the tattooed safety would be jeopardized. First, in order not to move children who tattooed, big dimples tubuhnya.Kalau placed on the child to cry, crying to be done in the notes of a particular well. In the Dayak Iban, tattoos depict social status. Chiefs, headmen, and warlords themselves tattooed with a symbol the world over. Symbol of the underworld just ordinary people adorn the body. This motif is passed down through the generations to show the line of kinship.A sikerei (shaman culture) tells about a typical Mentawai tattooing. Tattoos, they called titi, is one part of artistic expression and the symbolic status of the Mentawai tribe. First, popular tattoos among both men and women who have grown Mentawai. Today, only a small portion that is still tattooed Mentawai tribe. Some of them can be found in the interior of the island of Siberut.Tattoos are made by a sipatiti (tattoo). Tattoo process takes a long time, especially at the stage of preparation that can be up to several months. There are a number of ceremonies and taboos (punen) which must be passed by people who want tattooed. Not everyone is able to pass through this stage.Before sipatiti start a tattoo, there is a ritual ceremony led by sikerei (shaman Mentawai culture). The hosts then had a party with the slaughtering of pigs and chickens. Pork and chicken as well as the remuneration given to sikerei. Tutulu told that lo throwing a party to make this tattoo alone could cost around five million rupiah.Jarum used is made from animal bone or wood karai sharpened. With knock-ngetoknya, creating lines which are primary motive Mentawai tribe tattoo. Dyes used comes from charcoal stuck to pot. Sikerei which is a sister Tutulu said that usually begins tattooing the palms, hands, feet and body. For several days, the newly tattooed skin will swell and bleed.
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