World's oldest tattoo history from the Mentawai

Mentawai people are tattooing their bodies since coming to the west coast of Sumatra. Proto Malay nation came from mainland Asia (Indochina), the Metal Age, 1500 BC-500 BC. That means, tattoos mentawailah the oldest in the world. Not a tattoo Egypt, as it was mentioned many tattoos buku.Sebutan purportedly taken from the Tahitian word Tatau. The word was first recorded by Western civilization in the expeditions of James Cook in 1769.According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the oldest tattoos found on Egyptian mummies from the 20th century BC. Permanent mark made by inserting dye into the skin's layers, found in almost all parts of the record dunia.Dalam Ady Rosa, 48, professor of Fine Arts, State University of Padang, West Sumatra, there is a new tattoo Egypt in 1300 BC. According to the Master of Fine Arts, the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), the Mentawai people are tattooing their bodies since coming to the west coast of Sumatra. Proto Malay nation came from mainland Asia (Indochina), the Metal Age, 1500 BC-500 BC.'' That means, Mentawai tattoo was the one of the oldest in the world,'' said Ady Rosa, who has 10 years of researching tattoo. In the Mentawai.Tattoos are known as titi. In research Ady Rosa, besides Mentawai and Egypt, tattoos are also found in Siberia (300 BC), United Kingdom (54 BC), Haida Indians in America, the tribes of the Eskimo, Hawaiian and Island Marquesas.Budaya rajah, also found in the tribe Rapa Nui, Easter Islands, the Maori in New Zealand, the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan and West Sumatra Sumba. For the Mentawai people, tattoos are the spirit of life. Ady, who in 1992 traced the cultural center on the island of Siberut Mentawai, found at least four positions in sana.Salah one notch tattoo tattoos is to show identity and difference in social status or profession. Tattoos sikerei shaman, for example, in contrast to a tattoo expert hunting. Hunting expert known for his pictures of animals catch, such as pigs, deer, monkeys, birds and crocodiles.
Sikerei known from sibalu-balu star tattoos on his body. Arat saga Sabulungan a joke Ady said,'' So, before the generals have stars, Mentawai shaman already has first Ady ....'' According to the study, which was by two professors ITB, AD Pirous and Primadi Tabrani, nicknamed'' General Tattoo'', the Mentawai people, tattoos also serves as a symbol of nature's balance. In that society, objects such as rocks, plants and animals should be enshrined in the body. '' They assume all objects have souls,'' said Ady. Another function is the beauty of tattoos.Mentawai people are also free to tattooing the body in accordance with the trust governed by kreativitasnya.Kedudukan tattoo Mentawai tribe,'''' Arat Sabulungan. The term comes from the word sa (se) or a set, and bulung or leaves. A set of leaves that are arranged in a circle made of shoots or thatch palm, is believed to have supernatural power or ketse puppy. This is then used as a medium of worship Kabagat Koat Tai (God of the Sea), Tai Ka-leleu (forest spirits and mountain), and Tai Ka Manua (spirit of the clouds). Arat Sabulungan used in any ceremonies of birth, marriage, medicine, moved home, and penatoan. When a boy enters puberty, ages 11-12 years, parents call sikerei and rimata (tribal chiefs). They will negotiate to determine the day and month that penatoan.Setelah implementation, sipatiti-chosen tattoo artist. Sipatiti is not based on the appointment of the public, such as shaman or chieftain, but professional men. Expertise should be paid with a pig. Before penatoan will be punen enegat, aka initiation ceremony led sikerei, in puturukat (sipatiti's gallery.) Boy's body to be tattooed and began to be drawn by a stick. Sketches on the body is then pricked with a needle-stemmed tree. This wooden handle gently beaten with clubs to put dye into the skin layers. Dye used was a mixture of banana leaves and coconut shell charcoal.Promise Crow Penatoan Borneo early or PayPay sakoyuan, was performed at the base of the arm. When he was grown, followed by a pattern durukat tattoo on his chest, titi takep in hand, titi rere on the thigh and leg, titi puso above the stomach, then titi teytey the waist and conclusions punggung.Dalam Ady Rosa, Mentawai tattoo is closely linked to culture Dong Son in Vietnam. Allegedly, this is where people come Mentawai. Fathers of the country, they sailed to the Pacific Ocean and New Zealand. As a result, a similar pattern was observed even in some tribes in Hawaii, Marquesas Islands, Rapa Nui tribe Easter Islands, as well as the Maori in New Zealand.
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